Author name: wearexalt

fifa 23 sam kerr gameplay
Case Study

EA Sports FIFA 23 – Matt and Tom

Tom and Matt are two Gen Z Discord
streamers in the gaming realm who
broadcast their EA Sports FIFA
matches for their fans. We aimed to test how many Discord viewers can be attained without marketing, and how many of those viewers would convert to visit the Shopify Store.

chelsea summer league
Case Study

Premier League Summer Series

The Premier League’s intent is to reach and engage fans not currently viewing PL games via
other means of media, specifically, young millennial and Gen Z audiences that don’t watch
linear live television. In order to engage this target audience, the PL selected XALT to deliver a
direct-to-consumer live streaming experience featuring an innovative format with interactive,
in-match features. This is the first step in a process to inform the Premier League’s
development of its future Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) offering.

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