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Your cloud-based control room and distribution product all in one. Commentators can reply to Discord chat in real time with seamless integration. Producers are empowered to integrate graphics on the fly. Why talk about the team’s new jersey when you can show it and shop it in real time?

Your Control Room

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End-to-end cloud-based control room and distribution product enabling a diverse suite of Alt Casts integrating live commerce, gaming and interactivity. Our simple tools empower IP owners to build audiences of all ages, in particular Gen Z fans, to consume and engage with content socially, with friends and their favourite influencers in an authentic and exciting experience – repacked to deliver a unique viewing experience. We are fully synchronised, piracy protected and brand value secured. 

Enjoy seamless viewing across desktop, iOS, or Android devices.

XALT enables influencers and IP owners to build and monetise new audiences: increasing ARPU through a modular suite of live audience engagement tools to build direct relationships in a safe, DRM-protected environment. 

Integrate the experience seamlessly into a partner’s app or as a branded microsite in under 4 weeks.

Less time and money invested in producing and solving technical issues, more time building audiences, driving engagement and optimizing your fan base.

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The Fan Experience

Utilizing our proprietary technology to create an immersive, fan-centric experience means everyone wins – fans get what they want, and broadcasters engage a new audience with pioneering interactivity.


  • Real time data and analytics that you own.
  • Contextual advertisements.
  • Deployed via web app or your own streaming app.
  • Multiple revenue streams through on-screen graphics.
  • Attract your untapped young, digital native audience.


  • Producer-controlled experience.
  • On-screen graphics that you control in real-time.
  • Show or hide Discord chat in viewer panel.
  • Manage community sourced influencers and talent.
  • Synchronized communities with our deployment.


  • On-screen interactive visuals like quizzes, polls, shopping, and more.
  • Your favorite influencers and content creators commentating.
  • Live, up-to-date odds and news, relevant to what you’re watching.
  • Stay connected to the community with an integrated Discord chat on-stream.
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