We Win Together

Our Mission

XALT empowers fans to enjoy live sports on their own terms. Utilizing our proprietary technology to create an immersive, fan-centric experience means everyone wins – fans get what they want, and broadcasters engage a new audience with pioneering interactivity.

Our Vision

Founded by sports lovers, XALT aims to empower fans by putting them back in the center of the action.


Sport creates connection – fan to fan, fan to team, fan to player. Providing opportunity for these interactions to happen organically around the game brings us back to why we fell in love with our favorite sports and heroes. 


Sport brings people together. The stadium is the arena, and group chats the new forum for dissecting, pondering and speculating on results and news around the game. Not having a ticket to the match shouldn’t mean you’re excluded – the democratization of discussion allows all to participate. 

Inspire Change

Sport drives change – but the sports broadcast experience has hardly evolved since the onset of radio. By opening the lines of communication and creating a two-way street, fans are once again central and their voice matters – just like at the stadium.

Experts in the Field


Mick Desmond
Catherine Mullen
Board Member
John Smith
Board Member
Mark Watts


Heather Moosnick

Mike Greer

Kaliel Roberts

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