What we do

Delivering an interactive, personalized, and gamified sports spectator experience.

We're Changing the Game

Modern fans are not passive spectators. They’re vocal, creative, expressive and want to get involved in the action in the way that they want to. They’re creating media, sharing opinions, competing, voting on decisions, leveraging their collective power to fund, invest, and express their passion in new ways.

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Your Control Room

Real Time Interactivity

Our proven product integrates with your existing broadcast technology for interactivity & monetization. Streams are fully synchronized live across all devices, content protected, and brand safe. With minimal support from you, we can create an engaging, enhanced, and personalized experience for every kind of fan, old or new. 

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Your Audience, Your Data

Localization & Talent Casting

We identify engaging, local, proven commentators with robust communities. We utilize products and influencers with niche audiences, fostering organic growth of new fans. Fans can actively engage with other like-minded watchers through comments, polls, and live interactions during games.

Handling the Heavy Lifting


Production & Deployment


We bring everything together. By vetting tens of thousands of relevant influencers and commentators, we bring the audience you want to the big show. Our production team seamlessly integrates your broadcast feed, and pairs it with talent anywhere in the world to create an interactive viewer experience.

Case Study: Premier League


A real-time, global, socially integrated operation, implemented in under three weeks.


Sourced local influencer commentators and talent based on key audience factors.


Live games hosted with multi-platform social functionality and chat.


Minimal support needed from the client end such as branded graphics, stream feed.

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